Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My tale of woe (not really)...

so friday I go out to my car here at work, to run and grab some lunch and... nothing. Dead battery, call Baron in KC, cuz thats the best place in the world to buy a mini cooper, because if you are nice they are nice, l like them loads. Ask them if I should try to jump start it, turns out not so much for minis, to much creativity in there, just call road side service. They came and got it, they fixed it and it was back to me last night. For some this would have included great inconvenience and heart ache, and I admit I did see about the rental car, they were going to pay, why not? and I decided it was more trouble than it was worth. I knew I would be fine, I always have Dewey(my Kona hybrid) and Celeste(my Bianchi Giro) at my back. No reason to get all flustered. I did miss my Georgette(my Mini Cooper) but just because I love her. She is the picture of patience, friendship and service, as time and time again I go through the garage with a bike and leave her behind, she never complains. But I will say yesterday was the first time Dewey had worked in a while, other than transport to the ice cream shops, and he just flew, he had his wings on yesterday. I got totally jazzed for commuting with Dewey again. I did bale out on the rain today, but tomorrow is another day.
oh yes the tale of woe part.
Brace yourself.
I had to bale out of the monday night ride early, and that was really sad for me, because I had commuted, my legs were all warmed up, my lungs were working great because of the commute I had completely worked through any of the rough spots. But, Georgette goes to KC for service, and I had to get home to be there when she was delivered back to me. It was great to see everyone, and meet new people.
Recently I realized I had really been surrendering my motivation to ride, riding some but no where near enough, now with my 15 yr old son riding, and hooking up with some fun relatively regular rides, I am getting it back. Even got to ride home part of the way with Skip. I like to ride my bike to work, it is far(for a commute I think 10.5) and fun, and did I mention that Dewey had wings.


At 8:36 PM, Blogger enscoosne said...

Hey Reghead,
It's nice to see that you've discovered punctuation and capitalization. Now, let's see if you can use them correctly.
Love ya,

At 10:42 AM, Blogger monkeygirl said...

Now your just talking crazy.

At 4:55 AM, Blogger enscoosne said...

That would be "Now you're [not your] talking crazy". Sigh....I guess there's no hope for you. ;)


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