Wednesday, August 20, 2008

feeling better now.

well I start my new job on monday and that has me in a pretty good frame of mind I must say, I am really looking forward to it. For the past year I was unhappy at work, the depth of which is pointless to explore any further, and that is the end of that, we will speak of it no more. On to new challenges. I was reading Dougs Blog and said Funner and I thought to myself how much I love the word Funner. it is part of my personal bike slogan painted on the wall inside my head, RIDE A BIKE,ITS FUNNER!
have a great day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

swobo vs. chrome or chrome vs. swobo...

I do not really know because I do not know who goes first the champ or challenger. Oh well whatever...this is really a comparison of chrome lightweight shins and Swobo Roscoe Knickers. I will disclaim here that I am very fond of them both, and certainly satisfied with my purchases. That said they are quite different.

First, the Swobo: These come in precise sizes, they have a very nice detail in that there is a panel for comfort in the crotch of these pants instead of a seam. They are of a very nice quality textile.

Second, the chrome: These come in a range sizing, small, med, and large. They have a seam and then have a soft overlay panel inside the crotch to protect you from the discomfort of the seam. This panel is not overly bulky but is noticeable. They are also made of a quality textile.

points of detail to compare: The textiles, both knickers are made of a stretch type textile, the swobo is perhaps barely more heavy and therefore just mildly warmer when wearing, heat is a really big deal for me but this mildly heavier fabric is not intolerable to me at all. The swobo being mildly heavier also holds its shape a bit more, though this could be contributed to the sizing conventions as well. Sizing, range vs. precise sizing. Because I have to calculate a broad range of sizing due to health issues, I went with the med chromes. They are a little big, but not terrible, but the 32 swobos in the precise sizing is very accurate for me, for the chromes I probably could have gone with a small, but I am happy with my med, and would likely order med again. As for riding bikes, the seam in the chromes was noticeable but not something one could not negotiate. The legs on the swobo is a bit tighter tailoring than the chromes, and I did find the chrome to occasionally catch upon my water bottle cage, however once I realized it and knew what it was it did not overly trouble me. Another thing that I like very well about them both, they both have a lower rise than say, swobo J-mak which happily I got to try on at MWC, and did not prefer them at all. Anyway these two have a low rise, but still come up far enough in the back to keep you from flashing a plumber posture on your bike. I find them both to provide a very comfortable fit and a very comfortable ride. I recommend either to you, and I am sure I will add additional Chromes in future. I also have a pair of swobo bruno knickers and those too are a really nice pair of bike knickers, similar in cut to the roscoes but made of wool, though they really keep you warm, so they are put away for now.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

so did I ever tell the story about the video I am in with Lance Armstrong?

I do not think I have but now I am, and here it is
I am really kind of proud to be in this video, because even though I have never even met the other people in the video in my teeny tiny little black heart I feel like I know them all.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

awareness test...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

so I did mention this before...

but over the winter I got a new group on my road bike, but I think I never mentioned how totally great it is. before my cranks were too short, of course I did not realize that, because I had never had that problem before. I am not the tallest thing, technically whats known as average height, NOT SHORT!, anyway, I do have a long inseam. anyway I have been trying to figure out what was wrong with my saddle position on this bike for a really long time, turns out nothing, it was all crank length, so now, my saddle and handlebars are right where they need to be and now so is my foot. Works very well. with the new handlebars it is almost an new bike.


Monday, February 18, 2008

a couple of bugs in my head...

Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011,
and the Arrowhead 135, probably in 2011 as well. Though maybe sooner on the arrowhead, I am not fixed on a date for that one yet. Still figuring it out. One thing I am doing right now is participating in a drug study for FDA approval for the drug for my HAE, I think for the arrowhead, it will need to be approved. So I can carry it with me for after the race. So that effects when I will do it, as does needing to be strong enough to one do it, and to qualify, I will need to cover 300 miles on the road in 24 hours. I think I can do it fine. Just not sure when. I am thinking some great training rides can come from nebraska brevet. I am thinking of writing to the arrowhead guys and asking if a 600km might sub as a qualifier. we will see.

long time no post...

Mavis Washington Blazek 2/14/1992 - 12/28/2008 Thank you Mavis.

I know, I suck as a blogger. I was going through a really negative bad patch. Work was really bringing me down, my health was really bringing me down, and I lost my best friend. To those of you who sent condolence cards they were deeply appreciated.

As for work there is nothing to say, plus if I went off on the whole story someone from there might see it, and I would not want that, it is a situation that will continue to work itself out. It did actually knock me off my commute, and as for that I am working on being strong enough to take that up again full force, because I realize I hate not commuting. That brings me to my health, though I have always had the blood disease I suffer from with no treatment previously because I was only properly diagnosed last May, Hereditary AngioEdema, no you cannot catch it. Treatment has introduced an whole new learning curve. Normally I embrace a learning curve this one has been odd to say the least but finally I feel like I am getting hold of it.

As for my girl Mavis. If you never met her I am sorry for you. She was the best dog ever, she died December 28th. I miss her still every time I come into the house, but she was really suffering at the end so I try to not have selfish wishing I still had her.

I am also really sorry I did not go and say bye to CVO, I was not feeling like leaving the house then, but I read your blog every day, and envy you your great adventure, I miss ya dude, even though I hardly ever laid an eye on you anyway, I like knowing that any second I could run into you out on your bike, and when I give it some thought, that is still true.

So that is that. my list of sad excuses, I am done with them now. Back to my bikes, Back to my own bike adventures, I have a couple in mind and they are going to take some serious effort on my part. I do better with a nice clear goal, and though I am still working it out in my head, I feel better already.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

let it snow...let it snow...let it snow

We should have pugsley racing. it would be fun. We could do it in my neighborhood because there is a kick ass hill, that would thrash the racing component to bits. Now the eternal question of should I change my pedals, or leave on the clipless, hard snow bike questions. WOO HOO!