Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Out, damned spot! out, I say!"

HEY DID YOU KNOW that high fructose corn syrup is in everything!!!

it is in damn low call low sugar YOPLAIT YOGURT!!! with the effing bestlife seal of approval from Oprah! not that that is a real seal or anything. But they duped them as well. effing yoplait bastards.

DAMMIT!!! those yoplait bastards, but what I am really upset about is it is in my tomato soup! My Campbells Tomato soup, My soup is good food soup!!! DAMMIT!!!

Well it will not be in the future because even though most of the time I am too lazy to make it I make great tomato bisque that IS NOT LACED WITH POISON!!!

well it is poison to me anyway. So I am really trying to stay away from pop, even diet, because that has been linked to some stuff that I am seriously working to avoid, diabetes and heart disease, and no more yoplait, and no more tomato soup, and reading labels for ingredients now to avoid the HFC. Matt told me it was in everything and I thought I am pretty careful. those sneaky effers at yoplait!
So it has been a couple of days since I cut those two things out and because I kind of really keep up with my weight mostly for the HAE which can move my weight really fast and sometimes is the first sign of an attack, I have lost two pounds.

HFC begone from my sight (and diet) you sicken me(really).

a new plan....

so at my first AA( assholes allthetime ) meeting the counselor was able to help me come up with a new plan based on his query of why should people just except jerks being jerks, why not have some good old honest confrontation and just call'em out for being jerks, how had I crossed the line? Well of course I crossed the line with totally not caring if I broke something, though the way my hips feel this week i would be bumming hard if I had broke one. So we were able to formulate a plan where next time I will just yell at the top my lungs at such an ass. Of course that may be pretty soft, sometimes I am pretty close to drawing my last breath on a bike.

Monday, July 30, 2007

some accounting...and my confession...

first I owe a beer for last monday when I needed to bring the home computer in to work so it could undergo some major repair. Computer virus' suck!

and now my confession...
I am now injured and have been since thursday last week, when I launched myself from my bike on my wednesday commute home. I was able to get up and finish it on wednesday, but thursday was bad and so was friday, and today was too. So hopefully I am going to go home this evening and ride some to work out any remaining issues and get back to the commute tomorrow.

As part of my penance here is the confession part.
So Wednesday on the commute home, right after I came out of the viduct by the zoo, this guy zipped past with no call and no bell, that really started it because that really pisses me off. This guy was not really moving that fast though, and I caught up to him at the light on south street. He had been stopped by the traffic had his foot flat on the ground and chin on his chest deeply listening to the IPOD, yes that whole iPOD too loud thing upsets me too, but to each his own, I am just illustrating that he was not paying attention. So he is stopped but I am rolling and I am not going to need to stop. He jumps right in front of me, on my line even. This is the point where riding angry started in high doses, but it only lasted for a sec. going through the slow down S on the south side of the street, I cut it too sharp, and my front wheel left the trail, but I popped it with my arms right back up on it, just in time to look up for the rest of the correction I was going to have to make and see the pole, there was no to miss it, so I leaned and only grazed, and smacked right down on the grass there. My move was over, and that guy just kept on rolling, I think he did not hear me hit the pole, he knew I was coming, I saw him looking back at me, he knew he had pissed me off. the lovely man behind me stopped and waited till I was sure I had not broken my hip or my pelvis, dang, plus I am pretty sure in the projectile moment, that my bike seat got me in the back too.

So some of you know I suffer from HAE, it is a blood disorder of missing certain blood components, it is a little like being a hemophiliac only it is about the plasma part of the blood instead of the red or white blood cell part. The swelling was really spectacular until I got to Omaha on Thursday for a treatment.

So there is my confession, I will be going to the AA(Assholes ALLthetime) meetings more regularly, And in case you missed it I got exactly what I deserved and even though I told you that guy made me mad it was not his fault at all, I let him get to me, and I paid for it, If Corey says it includes beer so be it, he is the game master, but I am sort of hoping the injury rule will apply here. Plus I still owe for monday computer transport. Ok thats all.