Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cabin Fever Killer rocked... where were you???

I was there. I had so much fun, and that was even being last. Last if fine when you are having the best time on a bike. Thank goodness for the break in the rain for most of it, and thanks Greg and Bryan for the beers, beers and bikes, and fun galore. It is not often you get to use the word galore, but it is correct here. And I am worn out, I have not been riding very much and as much as I love to ride the pugsley, it is a little heavier than I am used to. It is also more fun than I am used to. It was just great to ride around and see everyone today, the guys in all the shops seemed to be in great moods so apparently we did not bug them too much. We are lucky here in lincoln as much as we discuss cars vs. bikes, we are lucky, I am glad every time I ride my bike that every time the enabling spouse(buys my bikes for me, tells me to go buy more) and I have started to move to Omaha we have skipped it, we like omaha, lots a great stuff there, but nothing like here when it comes to bikes.
Oh and a special thanks to Jill in Alaska for the inspiration to go out and ride today. She has some great write up stuff on her blog "Up in Alaska" about the Sustina 100 she did last weekend. Lots of people have been really kicking major Ass in some really serious rides, Doug and Dave in Arrowhead 135 Jill in Sustina 100. I love to read their blogs, I find them all very inspiring.