Monday, February 18, 2008

a couple of bugs in my head...

Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011,
and the Arrowhead 135, probably in 2011 as well. Though maybe sooner on the arrowhead, I am not fixed on a date for that one yet. Still figuring it out. One thing I am doing right now is participating in a drug study for FDA approval for the drug for my HAE, I think for the arrowhead, it will need to be approved. So I can carry it with me for after the race. So that effects when I will do it, as does needing to be strong enough to one do it, and to qualify, I will need to cover 300 miles on the road in 24 hours. I think I can do it fine. Just not sure when. I am thinking some great training rides can come from nebraska brevet. I am thinking of writing to the arrowhead guys and asking if a 600km might sub as a qualifier. we will see.

long time no post...

Mavis Washington Blazek 2/14/1992 - 12/28/2008 Thank you Mavis.

I know, I suck as a blogger. I was going through a really negative bad patch. Work was really bringing me down, my health was really bringing me down, and I lost my best friend. To those of you who sent condolence cards they were deeply appreciated.

As for work there is nothing to say, plus if I went off on the whole story someone from there might see it, and I would not want that, it is a situation that will continue to work itself out. It did actually knock me off my commute, and as for that I am working on being strong enough to take that up again full force, because I realize I hate not commuting. That brings me to my health, though I have always had the blood disease I suffer from with no treatment previously because I was only properly diagnosed last May, Hereditary AngioEdema, no you cannot catch it. Treatment has introduced an whole new learning curve. Normally I embrace a learning curve this one has been odd to say the least but finally I feel like I am getting hold of it.

As for my girl Mavis. If you never met her I am sorry for you. She was the best dog ever, she died December 28th. I miss her still every time I come into the house, but she was really suffering at the end so I try to not have selfish wishing I still had her.

I am also really sorry I did not go and say bye to CVO, I was not feeling like leaving the house then, but I read your blog every day, and envy you your great adventure, I miss ya dude, even though I hardly ever laid an eye on you anyway, I like knowing that any second I could run into you out on your bike, and when I give it some thought, that is still true.

So that is that. my list of sad excuses, I am done with them now. Back to my bikes, Back to my own bike adventures, I have a couple in mind and they are going to take some serious effort on my part. I do better with a nice clear goal, and though I am still working it out in my head, I feel better already.