Thursday, August 10, 2006

JDRF fundraising video

I am going to ride 105 miles through Ashville Nc
and the surrounding smoky mountains. The ride is
in September and should be a great time. The cliff
notes to the letter that goes with this video is that
diabetes is a terrible disease, it kills people in
this country every day. The cure is close, please
help if you can by selecting the JDRF link on the
right side of this page, it will take you directly to
my donation page.
Thanks for your support. Especially to Byekin you
really got me motivated to get this pulled together
and on the blog and in the mail. I owe you one, and
I mean that in a good way. Thanksagain.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger adrian said...

When is the JDRF ride? How does one get involved?

At 5:51 PM, Blogger monkeygirl said...

hey Adrian, so glad you asked. The ride is September 9th, with weekend events 7-10. Goto for more details and remaining availability of space, also I can email you some local emails if you are interested in signing up, it would be great if there was more than just me in ashville. Right now I am the only local rider going, some are going to montanna, but I am it for ashville. The fundraise goal is $3500. Each rider commits to raising this amount which means if you do not raise enough you cover the difference, but JDRF pays for your air ticket, hotel, and your bike transport. They are fabulously efficient, of every dollar contributed, still even with fundraisers like this over 80 cents goes straight to research. I know the flights are donated. Let me know if you want those emails, I am off to rib fest shortly but I will check back in after.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger adrian said...

That would be great. What is in Montana? $3500 in less than a month...I can give it a try...send me the info and I will go from there. Thanks.

At 10:02 PM, Blogger Byekin said...

Hey Monkeygirl, this Saturday AM is the Callahan 5K Fun Run/Walk for Resources. JDRF is one of the charities that benefits from it. I am lead biker for the race which is a lot of fun. You are welcome to ride along if you'd like. Below is a link to a picture of last year's finish line.

Check it out


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