Friday, August 18, 2006

A continuing process of change from one state or condition to another or from one form to another...

evolution. It has been an interesting year. Working with new people and old people alike. Working with people who ride bikes, and who ride bikes differently. I work with one guy and he told me he never rides his bike for fun. Though that seems like an oxy moron to me, ok. I work with another fellow, and he rides his bike big, he is all about endurance. He is all about the mental component. I can respect that. Then there are commuters and the commuters that are happy go lucky, and just love getting on their bikes and going riding, ride your bike alone, or with a friend, either one works. I am the last group, I am happy go lucky, and I love riding my bike, I will ride alone, or with people, I will ride to get somewhere or to anywhere. I will go great distance or just a short little jaunt. I like to climb because of the challenge, I like to go fast because of the danger. I love the park but am still scared of the big dips. I am evolving. Will I race, probably. Will I endure, definitely. Cornbread asked me the first time I ever met him if I had ever thought about racing, and Skip and I both just bust out laughing because just that day, I had been pondering the evolution of me as a cyclist. How Amazed I was at how quickly I was becoming a cyclist. How I was already not content to be a single dimmension of some kind of rider. And how it was so not like me to just let the bikes take me where I am going. I am a little analytical for that, so I have had to work on just getting there, sort of surrendering, and surrender is definitely not the norm for me. But that is what evolution is all about.

Well it has been a big year. I started on a very nice hybrid, and now I have that nice hybrid and also a nice road bike. I have mostly gone far this year. But so far never more than 75 miles. I have gotten stronger and faster. I will think of speed, but not yet, for now just need to stay on my bike and finish. My time for 70 miles has dropped significantly from 6:45 to anywhere from 5:30 to 6:00. And that just happened, never even thought about it other than wishing that darn sweep car would back up just a little, cuz he can get as close as he wants I am not getting off of my bike. yes its been a very good year. Happy birthday Dewey.


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