Tuesday, October 03, 2006

what a freaking boring blog...

whos in charge here, I demand to know, oh... wait a minute.
Ok this is totally not a me thing to say, but I have been really busy. That is not normally my gig. I think I like it better than not being busy, but geesh. As they say in the movies, "work work work". Then there was the trip to Chicago to see the King Tut exhibition at the Field museum which was so awesome. Took both the kids, and that was really interesting for the oldest one. He moved out of the house in June, so we sort of just let him go, he spent a ton of time with us, but he has friends there, and so he took off to meet up with them. It was a real learning experience for him. He got lost on his way back to the hotel and he confessed it gave him great anxiety to be lost in Chicago at 2am. They grow up fast and slow at the same time. Emory just stuck with us mostly. Met some friends up there from Nashville, and it was great seeing them too. They knew all the great places to hit for food and drink. But life has definitely been interfering with bike riding and that is a sad thing for me, that and the fact that it should be nice an cool and today it was warm, I prefer the cool. Ok that is enough of that. Got to try to squeeze in a short bike ride or I am going to go nuts... well, more so.


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