Wednesday, December 13, 2006

tag your it...

ok so apparently I have been "tagged" person to blame can be found here So the rules of the game were to list six things that most people do not know. This list is epic with me, but I tried to play nice and here is what I came up with: vacation -- the October 1997 storm we had a great time.

2.I was in boston on 9/11 and there was obviously no real report of what it was like there on any of the news channels. Marshall Law is really scary.

3.the person I consider to be my best friend in lincoln probably does not know it, and do not ask if it is you, it is not.

4.And not to rip off CVO but I beleive in aliens and ghosts too,
aliens, the universe is too big to think we are alone,
ghosts, the spirit of a human is jsut too sophisticated and complicated an entity to think it is bound to the earth by flesh, that is just too primitive of a thought. I think some people hear from them, but they are not on tv, they probably prefer to keep what they hear to themselves.

5.I can be beyond fastidious about things, but I will eat hot dogs from a street vendor cart, there is just something about them, they are very tasty, that is not to say that I will not still descriminate, I will, the actual person serving the hot dogs can put me off of the idea, but if they are clean and tidy, I will have one. And I will not tell you the rest of the list about the things that I am fastidious about, I am not going to tell you.

6.I have a cousin that went to trial with jimmy hoffa.

who to call out, JK, Lt, emory, adrian, byekin, and KimC...tag your it.


At 8:12 AM, Blogger KimC said...

Interesting-I'm w/you on #4-I've had some unusual experiences several times in my life!

The snowstorm in 1997 was great and also quite the experience w/phone lines, electricity down. Made life pretty quiet and the scenery was beautiful!

At 10:44 AM, Blogger monkeygirl said...

I just recall we had the best time with the kids, camping in the living room, we could not really even get out the front of the house because for several days we had a power line draped across the front of the property, it was a big adventure full of story telling, reading to each other, laughing our butts off.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger sydney_b said...

#1 that was a good time - mostly. cleaning up the trees later was a bit of a pain, but overall it was nice to have that much snow.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger nicol said...

I wasn't living in Lincoln when that storm hit, but people periodically will still mention it. I bet it was fun in your house, monkeygirl! I wanna hear some ghost stories from you and Kim!


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