Saturday, December 30, 2006

Goodnight Mr. President...

So today was Gerald R. Fords funeral, you likely missed it. I watched most of it. That is weird,maybe, I watched Ronald Reagans too. I think of myself as a witness to history, and I like to think I always have been. I like to think that is the way my Dad made me.
My Dad was in broadcasting, and he was the best, he could have made it in the big time, what a voice, but he did not want to leave his hometown, when it got to the point where his career was going to take him from his hometown he quit that job and started his own radio stations.
But mostly I wanted to tell you about how cool it was to watch the news with him, I am an avid news watcher, I watch way more than I need to because I like to get it from different angles, I read news too, again way more than I need to. I remember Watergate, I remember the 38th president, that he was not elected and people thought we should have an election, and I recall the Mayaguez, I remember him falling and bumping. I remember he seemed decent even through the T.V. which of course G.W. just is greasy and smarmy in comparison. I remember asking my dad what the heck he was thinking when he pardoned Richard Nixon, didn't he like being president, didn't he want to keep his job, and my dad who as a news man could be really critical of people who make the news saying,"he knows what he is doing, and he is still doing it, because we just cannot go on like this, there is just nothing left for it", I thought he meant the cost of continuing to try to bring Nixon down even further where he was already, maybe he meant that the country needed to move on. Anyway, it seems sweet now that he did it and knew what it meant to him and he did it anyway. I think I will keep a kind thought today for him.


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Doug said...

I always liked President Ford. I just got good vibes from him. He was real.

On other topics....Happy Birthday and what a great husband you have buying you a Pugsley. I'm still paying off mine. Congrats and have fun with it!! I read recently that it has not been a big seller for Surly. As of November they had sold 489 Pugsleys since its introduction. Maybe yours was the 500th. Happy New Year to you and your family.

At 6:27 PM, Blogger monkeygirl said...

my pugsley acutally came from ebay, someone who let theirs go, I am just so happy to have a purple one, I did not want a silver one.


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