Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pro night at the Highgear in Omaha...

What an absolutely fun way to spend a friday evening, going up to the HighGear store when they are hosting an event and have tons of factory reps in the store. They also had a small presentation on their Supporting a Community in Motion initiative, which Emory was very interested in. They sort of had some limited stuff on road things right now, though there schedule is still developing and some more stuff may come up in that area, they were still seeking leadership volunteers, and Emory was very enthusiastic about my taking up that role, to serve his purpose of more road things in their initiative. We will have to see how their schedule looks in a bit. I won a new bike pump, it was so exciting, I was picked randomly from the crowd by Jay, I think it was because I was wearing a hoodie covered in monkeys, but that is just theory. I am going to keep that pump in my office. oddly more than once I have completed my commute and parked my bike only to find that by the time it is time to go home, I have a flat. There are tons of burrs and glass on the superior bike trail especially in the warm months. I was actully just tooling along on superior bike trail one day when some jackass in a car threw a glass juice bottle right in front of me, I say jackass I mean dirty bastard. I was able to miss most of it, but I had not been riding very long and it was a big surprise.

But more about Pro night. Emory also got to meet some other kids. Specifically he got to meet Aaron Poole, Aaron is an expert junior rider who will be training in Belgium. there was a raffle to raise money, which was a ton of fun, and raised almost 600 dollars for him. What a lovely young man he was Emory brought him over and introduced him, just a very nice young man, and very appreciative of the HighGear and community support. Keep your eyes open for that young mans name in the big races to come, he really has a great future ahead of him. And he really got Emory excited about the coming year on his bike. Which in turn gets me excited about the coming year also.

Also got to see some beautiful bikes, Trek, serrotta, lemonds. That is one of the great things about bikes, they are beautiful. Inspired of course to replace a horses but if you look at the space bike thing over at FFL, well those would be fun, but it is absolutely not beautiful, and they are as wide as a car so you better be able to go as fast as a car, because you think they treat you like you are in their way now, wait till someone does battle with a car on one of those things. Though it would be fun if you could just race them in the desert or something. Or maybe they would make a better stationary bike, anything to make those more interesting.

Anyway I am rambling, did I mention I won a new pump, WOO HOO!!!


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