Sunday, May 06, 2007

the show was great...

and that is really all I can say, I just love David Lindley too much to give a good review. And I loath those gushy everything was great reviews, those are not really reviews. But I will tell you about one great moment when he was starting a new song on a freaking beautiful Wisenborn, he carts around two and really makes them sing, sounds like there are three on the stage at one time. Anyway he broke a string mid intro, hissed out,"sonofabitch" and never missed a beat. What kind of brain is that, that can completely adjust and entire song in a split second for a now missing string, I will tell you what kind, a brilliant one.

Sorry to have missed thursday Syd, work has been late these days, maybe this week though, I am hopeful. Going to breakfast with some marathon running friends and then heading to work for what could be the rest of sunday, hopefully that will put a dent in it. Got the Kona Dew loaded with fenders, it is going to be the commuter, and talked to Nate about a handlebar change. I did the fenders, not sure if I can handle the bars. I will think about it, maybe just let them take care of it. Though I do like tinkering around with it myself.

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At 11:02 PM, Blogger sydney_b said...

Sounds like u saw a great show. Re: Thurs, dang jobs. Always taking up perfectly good riding time. :) Hope you can make it out and hope it's not raining. I got soaked last week and it wasn't fun. (Got soaked today, but it was warmer.)


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