Friday, June 15, 2007


that is a pretty big number for me here at the end of week three. And I LIKE IT! I have more bike miles but I do not count them into my commute numbers. But seriously we have to figure this whole drinking beer as a group thing because we are all turning out to be such awesome commuters that we never seem to get to the drink beer part. I was going to go for buying a round, but snob and cornbread are on the road and the rest of you guys probably will not see this, next week I will be doing the Tour De Nebraska, if you have never done that before let me just say, there is beer, and it is awesome, you just spin on your bike for miles and miles and then you get there and there are all these coolers full of refreshments, it is awesome. Oh well if you see this and you want to stop for a beer let me know we could still figure this out.


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