Sunday, August 27, 2006

synaptic function stabilized...

I no longer need my fingers to count. So even though I was doing pretty good yesterday after 103, I am totally bouncing back today which is great news as I mentally prepare for my JDRF Ashville ride. Yesterdays ride is the point though, it was a really nice ride, they changed it from last years course, and it was very scenic and I really enjoyed it, if you have not ridden a GPBC event you are really missing a good thing. Most of the riders that run the show in the club are very experienced riders, therefore they offer a great setup for sag and support. I always really enjoy their events and I have learned if I just sort of listen to them and never skip a sag things go better. there were three individual loops, they let the riders take them in any order, so you could pick your distance or do them all in whatever order you wanted. I took them in order, thinking I was going to like the second loop the least, it turned out to be the a great loop, though it was the longest, at 42 miles it was nice, with some inital climb to get you rewarmed, they had a sag at the start of all the loops, which evolved through the day to eventually include hot dogs and sausage with burgers, i did skip that going instead for a personal favorite, watermellon it was perfect. I started with friends on the first two loops but rode the last loop kind of alone, there were these guys from lincoln that I would catch, then they would speed away, then I would catch them, then they would speed away, it was fun. I hope they made it home, one guy got to the point that he felt like he could not stop, so I caught up to his friends at the last sag stop, he should have stopped there it was a good place for a final rest, with chips and salsa along with other assorted goodies and regular chairs to have a good rest in. That sag stop got me through it, normally I would not have stay so long in a sag stop, but I just sort of hung there and rested for maybe even 15 minutes. I felt completely ready to finish when I got back on my bike. I think that is one of the hardest things to learn about riding a distance, is when to listen to what your body is telling you, when you are just being a big baby, and when your body is just in need of a little more than a 4 minute sag stop, I listened at the right time and it turned out great. Plus as always, the great plains gang is a great group of people really worth knowing, there are always some at every ride I have ever been on, I am going to have to get a jersey I think, it is great to be a card carrying member and get discounts but it is a great group, I think I need to fly their colors once in a while too.
Celeste is off to Ashville dropped her off at Blues today, they were nice enough to let me keep her for yesterday, and now it is just me and Dewey, we will have a blast for the next two weeks. Think I will try to commute as often as possible this week and not back off till next week. Feeling ready for it now.


At 9:22 PM, Blogger katina said...


Hi there! The Heatstroke was a wonderful ride. I saw you pulling away at the end and very sorry that Barb and I missed you Saturday. I know you're ready for this. Still spinning? You can count on my support coming in the mail soon.

Best, Katina (Bellevue)

At 6:39 AM, Blogger monkeygirl said...

hey girl good to hear from you, I saw you starting when I got there late, you may have noticed a little cream colored mini cooper roll past you that was me, so then I looked for you the rest of the time, I hope we get to ride together soon, we should work on that, Denise was there too, she did the 1 and 2 loop, I went on to do the third, not sure I would do them in that order againm, but I loved that ride. I have been doing most of my summer spinning on my bike outside, but as it is getting cooler and dark early I will be back in there soon. thanks for coming by the blog.


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